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"Community over competition."

Why did you choose this colour? 

Yellow is such a positive colour in most cultures around the world and it brings people joy. This specific Pantone reminds me of sunflowers which are my favourite flowers by far. They are bright, colourful and they make me happy.

What, besides advertising, are you passionate about?

Hand lettering is my biggest passion outside of advertising.

What inspired you to pursue a career in advertising?

I have always loved art and creating things. I decided to pursue a career in advertising because I want to inspire people the way that art has always inspired me.

How do you want to impact the future of advertising?

I want to make ads that people would actually be happy to see when they are stuck in traffic on the highway. I do not want to make noise; instead I want to have a positive impact and inspire people.

How do you practice ideation or overcome a creative block?

I draw, exercise, hangout with friends, and do anything I can to let go of the reins and the idea will come to me.

Adopting a baby sloth or a baby koala?

Baby sloth.