Black 6 C

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"Looking at life in a different lens – a kaleidoscope lens." 

Why did you choose this colour? 

Here’s my anaphora answer to this question.


Black existed before the universe was created.

Black is a chamber where manifestation begins. 

Black is the gateway to dreams or the first thing you see before meditation. 

Black is the colour many are afraid of, but soon realize the longer they linger in it, the chances they will ponder, reflect and/or discover the light – 


The Big Idea. 


Black is unique and complex –

for that, is why I love the colour black.

What, besides advertising, are you passionate about?

Graphic design by Massimo Vignelli, the storytelling of Neil Gaiman, music by Kanye West, the mysterious world of David Lynch and the elegant cinematography of Paolo Sorrentino. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in advertising?

My love for design, books, and film came first. Making work that moves and inspires people came second. Shook my bottle of inspiration to realize —


I should really get into advertising. 

How do you want to impact the future of advertising?

I want people to feel something, I want them to see beauty, but most of all — I want create powerful messages that last forever. 

The most-played song on your playlist this month?

"Take Me to the Light ," by Francis and the Lights

(feat. Kanye West & Bon Iver).